Sample Deletion Based On Name

hey. i have something simple id like to sugest be added that would save me (and possibly others) alot of time.

the way i work is a bit messy but its a very old habit and i dont think ill ever get out of it, but i have samples all over the place. ill have multiple different types of percussion on say 3 different tracks for example, with other types of samples in the same tracks at other points in the song. so when i want to go to export the song to .wav, the “export each track to a seperate wav file” feature is nice but ill end up with a “percussion” track with only some of the percussion samples and some other samples i dont want.

the way i have always gotten around this is by typeing a list of what samples i want grouped for export say:

1 kick
2 snare
3 hats
4 percussion

and then ill number each sample accordingly in the sample window, and ill have to go though and delete all the numbers except for 1 to export the kicks, then all the numbers except for 2 to export the snares … etc

since i ususally use up all 80 sample slots and usually have 30 different groups to export, it takes a long time to go though and for each export have to click 80 different times to delete all those samples except the ones i want

what would be a really nice feature for me is to have a simple function that lets you delete all samples of a certain name, or delete all samples except for a certain name. so i could just enter “1” and it would delete everything except the kicks. any chance of adding someting like this in the future? please … it would save me many extra hours of tedious work. thanks :)

How about a render instrument to wav option?

i.e. right click the instrument/ sample in the instrument list then renoise will render through the whole song with only that instrument and any VSTfx active.

For your situation you would simply have to perform that operation for as many instruments as you had.

Another alternative would be some sort of pattern note sorting function.

i.e. press sort instruments to tracks in Advanced edit and all notes for a particular instrument would be taken to individual tracks. To keep it simple renoise could sort instrument slot one to track one and any following used instrument slots to consecutive tracks after that (left to right).

Then you could use the current rendering options as they are.

your first option sounds like it would also work. the problem with the other is, if you moved all the instruments around between tracks they would lose the fx / automation that were on their origional tracks and things would get messy. thanks for your ideas

Ah yes you are right! I was sort of assuming that you were trying to export your tracks so that you could add EQ and compression etc in a multitrack. Even if this were so as you say this would be messy as fx you added in renoise would become all wrong.

A solo/mute of instruments would be useful.
You could simply rightclick the instrument slot and choose solo/mute?
Then there should be no problem to add a render each instrument option in the render to disk dialog. It will then render each active instrument (not muted/deactivated instruments).

yeh thats another good idea that would work. something like the solo / mute cubase has on each track but on each sample. then you could shift-click solo on multiple instruments to solo whichever ones you want for rendering

Nice idea!