Sample Dependent Device Chain..


Sorry for this not so “clear” explanation, but I just got this idea and I think it is great and wanted to share it.

Meaning Device chains after a sample - so that the plug-in settings would be rendered to the sample itself. Sort of FREEZING the FX - with undo feature.

If anyone is familiar with the BURN FX - fearure in Cubase - this would be quite similar.

People (such as NOisia) usually process their hits individually.

This would make it possible in renoise also.

do you mean something like the ‘fx’ button in the sample editor?

I think he means something like ‘render to sample’, but it automatically re-renders the original sample when the chain or an effect parameter is changed.

Or am I wrong 029?

Yeah, you are correct!

Like render with sample, but having the undo features and everything in the sample window. So that you could undo an FX change in the sample two hours after making beats if you like.

So yeah, it would be like render FX button, but with undo independent of the other actions made during composing. Also the chain of VST would not be in the mixer, but instead (perhaps) in a pop up style window accessible from the sample.

IMO, the best implementation of this would be adding DSP chain support inside instruments (which I think is planned already) and having the ability to freeze all chains… instr chains included.

For features like freezing, I think the current song saving should be addressed first. Because otherwise songs would become huge for every freezed track means more ram usage.

When streaming from hd (like cubases sample-pool) is possible then I wouldn’t mind using it.

Planned - well. We’ve got the problem that you can play samples on multiple tracks at once. Now image you’ve got a delay DSP as sample FX which should be applied to all samples on all tracks. So all samples of all tracks would stream their signal into this delay FX. Now how do you want to split the signal to process it further on the different tracks?

Either all routing / FX processing is done instrument wise, or track wise. Mixing both doesn’t really work.

029s idea would be a solution for this problem. Or we could use some kind of “sends” in the samples, so that the sample FX are not processed by the track FX.