Sample Editor Mix Mono To Stereo File


Recently I wanted to mix a mono file into one channel of a stereo file. Both audio files were the same take, just a little different in timing, so it would make nice stereo effects if I could paste it to one side of a stereo file.

Is this function currently not implemented or did I just not figure out how to do it…

If the latter is the case, what would you reccomend to do?


insert both samples on different tracks and then hard pan one to the left and the other to the right channel. Select the tracks in pattern editor and hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R

One other way to do it:
In sample editor hit the Adjust button (F11) and select Stereo from the ‘Channels’. Process both samples.
Then on an empty DSP channel set the pan to the left and Process Track DSP’s in Sample Editor with one of the samples. Do the same with the other sample when panning it to the right. Now copy the sample and mix-paste (ctrl+shift+v) with the other one.

But running these samples on different tracks (when hard panned) and sending them to a send track is also an option (much easier way).

Now that Renoise can copy and paste audio data between applications, you can do this (among other more exotic things) in an external audio editor. I use SoundForge, for example.

@subset, that´s it! thanks! maybe It will be doable in renoise itself one day, but this solution is very fast too, since I still have another ancient soundforce version ^^