Sample Editor - More Fade In And Fade Out Variables Please

Ok i think my last post got lost so sorry if you already heard it,
Its great we can now fine draw the samples and use pencil tool ;), but in my opinion I think the Fade In / Fade Out buttons in sample editor are being seriously overlooked !
Just like in FastTracker2, we need a percentage amount for both Fade In and Fade Out.
A Sub menu offering fade in (-200% to +200%) and fade out (-200% to +200%) anyone remember ?!?!?! Two sliders giving us more controlled fades .This option could be repeated in FT2 too , as i feel the current ‘fixed’ settings are sometimes unworkable and destroy your sample ! :(
maybe even a curve option for non linear scale! and to be up to date B)
Thanks for listening good idea ? :D

sorry for bringing this “old” thread up again,but this is really a good idea,and i hope that the people who can make this happen sees it

Yeah, I would like to see this too.

I use the fade in and out features of the sample editor a lot.

What would be even better, would be user draggable volume curves!

This would act like a destructive version of the instrument envelopes, but would be much more zoom able (due to the inherent zoomability of the sample editor)


  1. how about another button like: “use fade-in/out from instrument Envelope” ?

  2. how about a ‘mask’ where you can edit the Fades before you finally hit the ‘execute’ button.

for me, i like the 1st more ( + i think its easier to implement but im no code-guru )