Sample Editor: Playing Visible Range or Full Sample?

Hello Dev’s,

if you have a sample in the sample editor and you zooming in and pressing enter for playing, the editor plays only what you see, not the whole sample.

I hope this is a bug , but when its a feature, it make no sense.



This is a feature, but I have no problem changing this if others agree as well…

I can smell some trouble if we change that :)

Many sample-editors got a separate toggle button for this behavior. So why shouldn’t Renoise? :rolleyes:


for me it wurks fine IF
you highlight whole sample before zooomin…

so this is quite unnecessary?

ps. if i highlight whole sample, i can barely see playing position SO is this possible to change so that when playin position is runnin on highlighted sample area ,playinposition colour would be inverted…

edit: peace!

why not, if you like play what you see, you can still play the selection only and can made so small if you like.

I don’t understand the sense of this “feature”.

I guess it make more sense if you are working with longer recordings.
If you could also follow the play cursor (a feature I hope renoise get sometime) then it make much more sense to have that option.

What’s the big deal? you can still press the keyboard if you want to hear the complete sample. This feature can be helpful when you’re editing and just want to hear the selection, please don’t change this!

if you cange this, please do by adding a new button

It has changed, right now you can middle click to play from where you click in a sample, which can be handy. If you have zoomed in, pressing enter will play from the start of that selection at default. But if you middle click somewhere in the selection, enter will now play from that position.

Very nitpicky, but I’d rather have enter always start from the beginning of a selection. Nothing to lose sleep over tho :)

yes exactly!

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edit: no offence to anybody, you can always disable robert’s posts from forum control panel…this is very neat, just discovered it…