Sample editor right mouse button selection/context menu

Hi @Djeroek brought up something problematic in the sample editor, operating it with the mouse.

When you right click with a selection active, either the context menu opens so you can process things…or the selection is reshaped if you move the mouse while clicking.

Now…my mouse is very sensitive, and x times out of y times I want to have the context menu but instead loose my carfully tuned selection, having to define it again, and sometimes again and again…

Is there any way to change the right mouse button behaviour? So either turn of the selection when moving thing, or have another keyboard or mouse key or button to open the context menu?

If there isn’t, please consider. It is one very unfortunate setup, as I said I very often pulled my hair because of this as I have a very sensitive and fast moving mouse cursor active. Problem is happening on linux, if that helps to pinpoint operation.

To me, this was a completely unknown feature before yesterday :ph34r: :yeah:

Perhaps I’m lucky that it’s working nicely here and doesn’t seem to be subjected to über-sensitivity.

It’s noted as something which should be looked into.