Sample Editor - Sample Offset


i’m trying to set sample offset in the sample editor, but cannot find this feature.

Something like 09xx in the pattern editor, but a base value for the sample.

So i can apply this without deleting the first part of the sample.

Thank you!

you cannot set a default for sample offset, but you can:

a] paste the part of the sample into another sample

b] use the slicing markers to set the part of the sample excluding the start as a new sample slice

what it-alien said. and i am wondering why you’d want a default offset while also keeping the start of the sample? i mean, if you’re just gonna use that offset, what use is it to keep the start?
i’d just use the 09xx pattern effect, it is the easiest solution for this. just remember to add the correct effect to all the notes you place in the pattern, and you’re done.

Well i’d like the process of exploring the sample offset with keyboard preview to be as fast and reversable as possible, the selecting and cutting seems awkward. (too much? wait for undo on 200mb sample)

I’ve used a lot of hardware samplers and this property has been very helpfull.

I could just setup a pattern to play a note and play with the offset there, but then you cannot change the pitch so fluently.

I figured there was no harm in asking:)

Also it could be as simple as a loop start property - start playback on loop start. And that is easily controllable.