Sample Editor: "snap To Offset 900,908,910,920,928... Etc Using S

There are numerous posts regarding a beatslicer…

The ultimate pros of using 900,910,920,9xx command is the preserverance of the groove of the loop while mangling the pitch and changing note placement. But where it falls really short are the cases when snares or other hits are a bit sloppy. Those times the 9xx effect comes unusable and then loop needs editing having to be spanned to individual hits.

The only problem is… how to span these hits so that they resemble the correct 16th hits that you had when playing around with the 9xx offset? You should be somehow able to snap exactly on the tenth offsets to be able to manually slice the sample so that they would preserve the original groove and also enable you tou edit the sloppy snares or other hits that are a bit too alive in the beat.

So, the sample offset is already displayed in the sample editor when you click on the waveform. It would not be a big implementation to be able to jump between the main offsets i[/i] in the editor - by using for example shift key or similar while pressing the mouse button.

Or actually how about a grid that snapped to the correct offsets of 16th notes (the accuracy could be specified by the user), and then spanned these “parts” between the offsets of the sample to new samples? :)

Just an idea… the 910 is almost perfect for sample editing… just thinking about how to improve it. This is actually quite near to become a really good loop tool.

any ideas?

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