Sample Editor Stuff


I was using the sample editor earlier and I really wanted to know where I was on the pattern in regards to the sample…

If this is already a feature, please accept my apologies! If it is not, then it should be!

I could not for the life of me figure it out!

I know you can select between 0900 offset, time, and beats, but I dont see an option for lines in a pattern, which would be SUPER useful


+1 :dribble:

I think the best solution to this would be to add some sort of freeze option. That way, no matter where your sample starts in a pattern, you can freeze the song at any point, jump to the sample editor and see where the cursor is at. Though that might be a bit harder to do for people who write in much faster speeds!

For now, you can play the pattern on repeat and watch the cursor in the sample editor to get a somewhat accurate reading.

What about a time line graph in the sample editor itself, which automatically adjusts as you adjust the speed?

On the cross section you could have block number on top and then pattern number on the side and then the ticks on the bottom.

I’m wondering since the DSP has a similar feature if something like this would be easy to implement?