Sample Editor Suggestion

Apologies if this has already been mentioned in the past. I (quickly) did a search and couldn’t find it.


I think it would be cool/useful if there was an option you could toggle in the sample editor, to snap selection points to the zero crossing line on the sample. SoundForge has this feature and it comes in very handy sometimes when you’re doing precise editing work. It would also be extremely useful for creating precise loops on samples, things like sinewaves, etc.

Some images to illustrate what I mean:

With “snap to zero” disabled, you can select any part of the sample as normal, regardless if that selection might cause “clicks” from non-zero start/end points.

With “snap to zero” enabled, any selection you make would automatically jump/snap to the nearest zero point, to ensure a nice, clean selection/loop.

Could be a nice time-saver for a future version :P

this would be great for looping!