Sample Editor

I’m a dedicated modplug user, and one of the best things about modplug tracker is that I can use soundforge as sample editor and just copy/paste samples back and forth.

When working in Renoise, what is the best way of sampling? Sound forge and Renoise arent best friends so to speak. Is there a way to sample directly in Renoise?

Its called Windows Clipboard… and has been planned for a long time…
lets hope/beg it will come soon :)

Yeah let’s :)

Windows Clipboard badly needed!

Even once we get the Windows clipboard this will still be pretty much unusable for me. When using Soundforge with Renoise open my samples do not play correctly. Loads of noise, so much so that you can barely work out what you are hearing. Any idea why this might be?

Depends upon if soundforge forces your audiocard to play at a different rate that Renoise had currently set it to.
Specially With ASIO, usually no two applications can claim the same device for use.
I rather don’t use two audio apps at the same time, they can never fully anticipate upon behaviour other audio-applications.

As my asio card is multi channel isn’t it possible to have them using seperate channel? Pretty sure I have them both running 44.1K 16bit.

If Renoise could automaticall, fuly ignor asio outputs that aren’t selected by any channels then I could set Soundforge to use a pair not in use.

Somehow I doubt this is possible though…

It may depent on your drivers.
I myself has also a multi-channel soundcard and use Renoise and a stand-alone version of guitar rig at the same time. so it’s surely possible.

did you already try to set soundforge to asio while renoise is running also?

Yeah I did, and I tried diffrent out from it as well.

It’s an RME HSDP9632

Anothing thing I noticed is if tracks are set to use different outputs (think it’s from opening a second send channel it automatically asigned it to diffferent outputs) it does not register on the master output level or spectrum analyser.

Doh! Only just noticed the Linit to Stero option, and I think that solves my problems as I’m only using a stero out for monitoring :)