Sample/Effect Commands

Hello there, I want to switch from Jeskola Buzz to Renoise and was wandering if there are more Effect or Sample Commands available in the pattern editor (maybe there is an additional tool?). In Buzz you have Unwieldy Tracker which has loads of awesome Effect Commands like “multiply time before next retrigger” or “change offset on each retrigger” and stuff like that. Maybe similar stuff is already there but I couldn’t find it?

If there is effect commands like the ones you mentioned I must have missed them completely. Would be awesome with more commands in Renoise.

I’m not even shure what the commands you mention are supposed to do? I would think that what you may do with commands in Buzz is also possible in Renoise with other approaches in most cases, but i have no experience with Buzz.

“change offset on each retrigger”

Combination of offset command SXX and RXX on the same line? Curious to hear some audio examples of what those commands sound like in Buzz.

Not really anything like that, but you could program some phrases that did different retriggering and offset tricks and access them with 0Zxx.

Thanks for the replies! I still didn’t have the time to explore renoise in depth. Will def try your suggestions. “multiply time before next retrigger” sounds exactly like what it says, you can also do the opposite with this command. It’s that bouncing ball effect and it also makes short drum rolls sound much more organic when applied subtly. - “change offset on each retrigger” is pretty much time stretching but you can do some cool stuff with it in combination with other effects. here’s what those sounds like: - first part is the ‘multiply command’, second is amen break with the ‘change offset’ command.