Sample Envelope Mono Trig

Hi, why not add an option in the envelopes section of sample that perform mono or poly envelope?
I mean that if you arrange a loop envelope for cutoff and play some note legato and add another note,
I want that the filter envelope loop don’t restat from beginning!

That’s what Ghost Notes are for. In the related note column just delete the instrument number of the notes you want to be played legato and the instrument envelopes won’t be retriggered. First triggered note in the column MUST have the intrument number. Remember to delete the numbers, do not set them to zero instead. ;) However, the sample itself still WILL be retriggered.

But this work only for notes in the same colum; I have a chord, one track with 3 or 4 note colums

You can fake the envelope progression of every colum by playing silent notes with a 0 volume on them. Just set the volume to the required amount, when you want the actual sound to play.

ok thanks very much. This work when you buid a song, but if you play live performances?

Okay, this is not about mono or polyphonic envelopes. What you’re actually looking for is a global envelope, valid for every key played until all keys are released. I know a lot of synthesizers and plugins, but I don’t know a single synthesizer or plugin, that is capable of something like that. Legato is continuous, seamless playing of notes without retriggering. What you now want to do is, continuous playing of notes you didn’t play before. And you even want to do that live? :unsure:

I’d really think, it’d be way easier, if you just apply a filter to your track, where all the notes are played and trigger that filter with a oneshot LFO, doing the envelope job. Just trigger the LFO reset then somehow from external (for live performance) or by pattern command (for sequenced work) and you’re there. The use of plain automation might also make sense, even for a live performance.

Exactly, I need global envelope! and not only global envelope, but a “per sample” envelope, because if you make an instrument with more than one sample, you may need a different volume envelope for each sample!
Thanks very much!

The LFO of Virus TI can run in mono or poly mode!

Several synths have global LFOs. An LFO is still no envelope and since LFOs in synths usually aren’t as flexible as in Renoise, that doesn’t really help in achieving what you are looking for.