sample folder

just recorded my first sample live (after years of owning renoise!) i was wondering where the sample gets stored by default just so that my session can be completely transferable to my laptop.


Hiya! The sample will be saved within the song file .xrns

Because .xrns is self-contained (basically just a zip file), you can take it to any computer which has Renoise installed and continue working on your song.

However, if your song makes use of external plug-ins (VST, AU, etc) you will need to make sure those are installed on the other system aswell.

I’m not sure what you mean here. You have to save them yourself to the folder you select.
If you mean that you cannot see the folders, then click on the split-bar on the right column of Renoise between the instrument property panel and the lower file area and drag it down to see the folder area.
Otherwise save everything along your songfile and then you have everything portable in your whole project. (Except for plugins if you use them)

nice. thanks guys. i haven’t encountered this type of file management system before.
i guess my next question is how to access the sample again. for example, if i record an eight bar loop but use only four and delete the remaining four but decide that i want to use it later for a L/R effect, where can i re chop the back four?

all samples stored in your project file (xrns), there is no other locations for samples like ableton or fl or everything else ;)/>

well a bit to late ansver heh didnt see replies at first

Ees all good brah.