Sample Formats / Cd Extract

I guess it would be useful to learn some more file formats for renoise.

What about ALL types of WAVs and MP3s first?
Then to go on be able to import aiffs
and surely not but least the good old amiga iffs

Iff we’ve already got the plugin technology some could easil(?) add it by himself/herself. hehe.

other thing useful (don’t know if it’s to heavy to do…) would be directly import samples of Audio-CD Tracks so you could use your sample material directly no matter whether it is a sample cd or an audio cd.

Like it?

Other things like being enabled to edit clefs and staffs and notes has already been suggested right?

further on why not adding something like a dj mixing table? or an automatic remixing tool or something? so even djs might like it more!?

You know tractor?

Thought of some other ideas, too. But I think they are too complex…

Will write them when I got some responses.

is this already possible? or why does no one reply?!

Most of them (except the dj mixer I think) have been suggested before. Maybe people are just waiting for the polls before discussing features.
Good support for the formats you mentioned (apart from .iff maybe) is coveted by most here I think.
A notation view isn’t likely to happen for a long time(, if ever), from what I can see.
The dj mixer thing and that I’m not sure about. A mixer that would lend itself to live use might happen sometime, but probably not one resembling Traktor too much.
Lets hear your complex ideas. :)


XI files can already be loaded into ReNoise, just as any other RNI instrument, or that’s not what you were asking with your cryptic phrase? :ph34r:

Oops… I must have tried to load them as samples :unsure: