Sample Freeze/hold

A small but useful new command I’d like to see in a future version of Renoise would be sample freeze/hold. Kinda similar to the freeze option you see in some vocoders, MDA Vocoder has one, Reason’s vocoder also, etc.

Basically it’d be a command to temporarily freeze the playback of a sample, causing a tiny part of it (taken from whatever position the sample was currently playing at) to retrigger/loop for as long as the command is used, and once the command has stopped being used the sample simply continues to play again from the position it was frozen from.

You’d be able to adjust the size/length of the frozen part which is looped in milliseconds or something like that, using for example 0Z00 - 0ZFF.

There could perhaps be 2 commands, or a way to change the behaviour of the command between 2 modes. For example, if you’re playing a drumloop sample…

Mode 1: Drumloop sample starts, the freeze command is used for a few steps, the position of the sample is paused (and retriggered/looped for the effect), then sample playback continues from the position it was frozen at.

Mode 2: Drumloop sample starts, the freeze command is used for a few steps, the play position of the sample is maintained in the background but you actually hear the effects of the freeze command, freeze command stops, playback of the sample continues from its maintained position. This mode would be good to keep your loops bpm synched, but allowing you to add some freeze effects to certain parts of the loop, like a snare or high hat.

You can of course get very similar results to what I’m describing here by using both 09xx and 0Exx together, but a dedicated command would be really nice and useful I think, and a lot more flexible. You can use 0Exx but it’s obviously dependant on ticks instead of milliseconds, and we all know that sometimes 1 tick is just not enough for those special glitch effects :)

Anyway, here’s a little demo mp3 if anyone needs a better idea of what I’m talking about. I edited these manually in SoundForge but the command would allow you to do this in Renoise quite easily. The first bit is just a silly text2speech phrase. Then there’s a quick drum beat using my Mode 1 description, followed by the same beat using my Mode 2 description.

id really like to see this too
you can get some amazing shit

i would settle for a vst to do it but i havent seen any with the idea you discribed
except the granulizer in fl which i dont think is a vst anyway

i was wondering tho where at in the mda vocoder is the sample and hold ?

If you set “Envelope” to the lowest amount, the value changes to “FREEZE ms”. So you can use effect commands to play with that in your track, switching it on and off when you want to. But it’s really not that useful because you can’t actually get a “clean” signal from it, only the vocoded sound. So, handy for when you’re actually using the vocoder, but useless for these glitch type effects I’d like to do :slight_smile: The vocoder is also very unstable I’ve noticed and playing with the parameters a lot tends to just confuse it really badly sometimes.

You can kinda do sample & hold stuff with DestroyFX Buffer Override, dunno if you’ve checked that out before.

It’s a great plugin and like I said, you can kinda s&h in it, but it’s just overkill for the stuff I’d like to do and it’s way too unpredictable. You can almost never get the same sound twice from it. :angry:

ya smart electronix is a great site alot of my ppl use brams stuff
they kept tellin me to use fruitys granulizer but i really dont like fl… <_<
anyways they also was tellin me that a plugin ive had for quite awhile does it
SupaTrigga :unsure: i think most of them use it to mashup amenz :D
so i went to mess with it again,an, it actually does what i was thinking of
only if everything is turned all the way off an the granularity is turned up
then play with the instant on
but it doesnt seem to really have many options to use it the way i want to
but it does do it :)

well… after messin with supatrigga for bout half an hour i decided i needed more option to do what we are intending on

so i went hunting again an this time i think i can rest for a bit

oooh, cool… yeah, this seems a bit more useful… good find :)