Sample Fx

It’s a idea i’ve had. most of the sampler on the market have some kind of fx per patchs. it could be really usefull to have a fx slot per sample in the instrument window. the best would be to have some vst effect(+ native one)

this way for example if you a have a colonn for hihat you could have different effect for each hit. if you have a bass channel/colonn you could have a different effect for each sample (like the wrongly recorded bass that need comp…)

tell me what you think of that

it is a good idea, and also an old one. which means that it has been suggested before. possible implementation of this would only happen as part of a rewrite of the .xrni instrument format, as it does not allow per-sample effects in its current installation. there are a lot of other suggestions for the rewrite of the .xrni format, so we’ll just have to wait and see how fast this works out.

As nothing in the Instrument section can be automated or responds to aftertouch or channel pressure what advantage would this have over effecting your sample how you like and then rendering to selection?

Of course, once the Instruments get a few other enhancements it would become a lot more useful though!

the avantage is usability and simplicity. when you have three different bassline with different kind of filter on each one but the same eq it would be usefull to have each particular effect in the sample. and if you render selection you can’t change much the sample.

Plus I wasn’t thinking about the fact that Instrument =/= Samples, could easily be a VST, where obviously you still need access to its parameters and it will make a difference.

Wasn’t ever trying to have a dig at your idea, just having a blind moment ;)

Easy enough to process each bass sample (if youre sampling, if not either render-to- or disregard) with the track effects, then replace the original sample with eh effected one, remove effects that are now redundant and voila. Free to change each sample with envelopes or whatnot in instru edit. Free cpu space for further effecting or multisampling/layering/what have you.

I can turn one of the basic sinewaves included in teh pack into a kick drum in 3 renders, using only pitch envelopes, and youre telling me you cant change a sample once its rendered… :P

But I get what youre saying. I dont sample 303 lines (using ABL2), that would be like cutting off half the 303 emulator and leaving it to bleed in the dust, all -18db of that sweet sweetness flooded out into the universe, which can’t use anything less than a -48db Butterworth 8 node. Its in the Guide, right after teh part about towels.