Sample Keyzone Editor: Autoselect

Love the update!

I have been hoping for an Instrument Editor that allows you to Add/Sub/Detune (and much more) your samples together so you can create complex instruments from the same sample. Was hoping it would be like a side tracker for mixing samples together that get triggered off in the main editor.

The new Keyzone Editor allows this to happen and I am so I’m happy to work with it as it certainly will do what I’ve mentioned above so thank you!
As I’ve started working with this I just noticed one thing that is a bit frustrating

I place 3 samples in the Instruments Settings > Samples and then set them to the same Mapping area.
I select sample 2 on the Instrument Settings > Samples and press to play a note and then it automatically jumps up to the top sample.
Was wondering if it might be possible to leave it on the sample you had selected? It would allow adjusting the sample that is mixing with the other one a joy.
NP if you can’t I’ll just arrange the samples in a way that the one I am mixing with is always the top one.

Thanks, it is a very exciting release ^_^


Hey Hunz,

There’s an option to control this auto selection behavior: See “Auto-Select Played” in the keyzone and sample editor. This should do the job here as well?

This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you Taktik, this opens up a world of awesome Synth sound making for me. Appreciate it!


take also a look at the new per-instrument MIDI input routing options: you could use them to trigger more than one instrument at the same time