Sample Layering For Detune

We can already layer one sample over another in the editor, which is cool.

An expansion on this idea would be the ability to lay a sample over the top of itself at another pitch. This would enable adding with the equivalent of detuning or sub-oscillation to tone samples inside Renoise, lending phatness when needed.

This probably won’t be needed if the wav editor gets record though, because then you could just record the sound being played at a lower pitch and layer it with the original using existing buttons.

EDIT: I’m an idiot, I forgot that you can already repitch samples with that FFT thingummy. :ph34r: So, same sample in two slots, repitch one, layer it on the other.

… OR, you could play the same sample in another track, with a little pitch-bend… :)

Or experiment with a chorus or detune plugin. Check out the free mda Detune, nice one.