Sample Length


Is there a somewhere inside renoise I can see how long or big my loop/sample is to I can find out if it will loop perfect.

If you render a loop in renoise, one pattern, then this sample must have the same size or length as the loop I try to mix it with, when useing sync this could mean that a loop is no longer in the right pitch. I remeber reading about this on the forum when I started useing Renoise, but cant find the thread now, am I all wrong?


Usually you first check if the rythm is in sync with the tempo, if it is, you can use the sync option to narrow the frequency.
If it is completely out of sync, you might need to play around with the tempo setting first (and with the metronome as your guidance) until it is pretty much in sync, then you can adjust the frequency with the sync option.
There is currently no option to compare your samplelength with the patternsize or something like that.