Sample Limit Per Insturment

I discovered today (correct me if I’m wrong) that Renoise supports 16 samples per instrument maximum. Isn’t that too little? I don’t suppose it would be too hard to change that.

changing this stuff is planned for some of future releases. Don’t know if 1.5 will already have such things.

No 1.5 will not have that feature, but its on the huge todo list for the future.

You can use rgc sfz. To play soundfonts. Soundfonts supports unlimited number of samples and I think 256 layers. You can create your own soundfonts with vienna 2.

Soundfonts gives you some advantages but does not give you all the sample commands that Renoise can have.

Yeah, I know samples. I prefer to use common samples. I can always split the instrument in two. Still, it’s quite annoying.