Sample Limits Per Instrument?

hey guys. i created an instrument that consists of 80 percussive hits. when i generate drum kit, only about 40 of them load across the keyrange. how do i load the rest of them? is there a limitation to how many sounds you can have per instrument?


Hi meloday,

Currently the maximum is 255 samples per instrument, however the maximum keyrange that you can use to assign each individual sample to a key is currently 128.
The drumkit generator always selects C-4 as the base-note unfortunately so this option leaves half of the mapping zone unused.

I don’t know what platform you are using… For Windows you have RiGen which generates instruments using complete folders or sample selections (drag and drop on top of application!) where you do can change the base-note to C-0 (which means that you can at least map all 128 samples to all available keys).

fantastic, thanks vV!