Sample Listing

I know it is not a bug but I`m wondering - why it takes so long for the first time sample display [if in that sample dir there is a lots of samples]? Looks like renoise scans for ALL samples dir for the first time and then next time it is faster. But in some [my] cases, sample list will display after 10-15 seconds.

Also it would be nice - if samples subdirectories will appear on the of DiskBrowser as “Directories” too on the right part. For now subdirs appears on the left part of DiskBrowser. Don’t know but to me, sometimes seems [a part of a second] faster to go to subdir from sample list than go left with mouse and click “+”? SampleLister should be displayed as in TotalCommander [for example]. I don`t use TC at all [as an ex ami-user, I work only w/ WinExplorer [Win+E keys] as it used to work with DOpusMagellan].

And one more request: can you please implement drag&drop sample from Windows to Renoise as a new sample importing way {:

“I work only w/ WinExplorer [Win+E keys]”

What the f****! I never knew about that shortcut!

That is amazing.

I have been hitting it and closing the window on loop for about a minute because it is that good!!!

You geezer