Sample Loading Stops If You Click + On Instrument Box

if loading a long sample you click + on instrument box, the loading of the sample gets aborted and the sample editor will only show the loaded part of the wavefile.

yeah seems like it doesn’t take much to stop an import.

I think import is better nowadays, you can copy parts of the “currently loading” sample onto new instruments, without import stopping. But it’d be nice if it was rock solid

Loading never should get aborted when clicking on the instrument box, nor when changing the selected instrument. But it will when inserting, deleting instruments or when starting to load a new one. Are you sure it’s “just clicking”?

Would be great if we could get rid of this limitation either way.

I would say it sounds like he’s inserting new instrument slots. That what the plus sign is isn’t it?

just recreated this. steps to follow:

  • empty project
  • find a long sample (so you have enough loading time)
  • double-click it to load it into the selected instrument
  • add a new instrument by clicking the + in the instrument list
  • look at the sample you tried to load to see it has stopped loading somewhere

so kazakore was right about exactly what esaruoho meant. as taktik said, seems like a unnecessary limitation…

It would be pleasurable indeed. Especially when a sample_recorder writes to the sample_buffer, and a note is already toggled during playback - even with autoseek on, the being-loaded-in-sample will only start playing on the second repeat of the first row of the pattern (first row containing the note to toggle the sample_buffer contents).

Yes, loading a sample from diskbrowser stops when one adds a new instrument in the instrument-box. Yes it’d be pleasant to be rid of this.