sample marker mass manipulation?

Hi all,

I’m curious how you Renoisers might go about this.

I’ve got this record – A-Sides’ 101 Breaks Mowgli Bonus Beats. It’s 101 breaks, back to back. They’re all in-time with each other. I record this into a new sample in Renoise. I’m trying to figure out how to quickly mark every 1 measure to split out the breaks. Since I know that the sample is in-time with itself, I’d like to be able to say ‘Renoise, here’s a few markers, now duplicate them based on this pattern’, or something equivalent. But I can’t seem to locate such functionality.

How would you go about it?

Hey mars.64
I’m sorry but I’m having trouble understanding the following snippets of your question:

So what I think you want to do, is, when you have one very long sample, you want to cut it up in parts all equally long? If this is the case, you can use the SliceNExact tool from here (thanks for reminding me, I need to put it on the tools page). It’s a very simple tool to ‘autoslice’ a sample in say 16 equal parts. To use it, drag the .xrnx file into the renoise window and it says OK. Then set the keyboard shortcut, called “Slice ‘n’ Exact…”. Now when you press that in sample editor you see a tiny window where you can set slice count. Up/Down keys work as +/- 1 and Right/Left arrow keys double and halve the value.
If you want to really set exact markers and then repeat that marker ‘pattern’ my guess is that you will need to play with the Lua scripting api a little bit - I might be able to help you with it though!


Beautiful! I do believe this is what I was looking for. Thank you thank you :)