Sample Offset and Sample Reverse on the same Line?

Hello fellow renoisers

I want to reverse a sample but starting from an offset point in the sample instead of the very end of it… when i use the B0 command with 0Sxx on the same line, it seems to ignore the sample offset and just go from the end of the file instead

my work around for it is to do the offset on the line before and put the reversal on the next line, i was just wondering if it can work on the same line or is it just the way it is? the online manual shows it being done on the same line in the example picture in the pattern commands section, but it never works for me this way :P

It’s always worked fine for me, just tried it to make sure.

Hello Bad Mind, sometime ago I had the same issue, you may find the awnser in this topic.

good luck!!

thanks for the tip! i’m gonna need to use that calculator too lol

Well let me tell you, if you have two fx columns and you type 0SC0 0B00, the sampler will count the offset from the back to the front. So the offset actually becomes 100-C0=40. At first I thought the behaviour was slightly different depending on whether you put the 0S command before the 0B command or the other way around, but that’s not the case, it’s the same.
You can use something like a hex calculator at to calc 100h-XXh everytime.
Also if you have a loop set to forward, the 0B00 command won’t be in effect as soon as the sample playhead hits the loop in point.
That combined with the fact that pattern commands have their effect fixed to line number (as point in time) - I usually duplicate instrument and reverse sample with Ctrl-R (then you can find the sweet spots with the sample prehear too)

thanks for the insight, it’s much appreciated!

… and working like a charm, thanks again for the help guys!