Sample playhead is wrongly displayed during playback, when using timestretching

Found a small bug. Always reproducible for me. The playhead in the sample preview doesn’t work correctly when you are using autoseek with beatsynced timestretching.

I know that i’m using transpose in instrument 0, but this seems not to be the culprit here.

Renoise 3.2.1, Windows 10

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Load attached demo song
  2. Switch to Sample tab of instrument 0, play the demo song
  3. You see that the playhead doesn’t fit what you head
  4. Switch to instrument 1, where “repitch” is used
  5. Everything is fine here

Expected results:

The same playhead rendering in insturment 0 and instrument 1

Actual results:

Different playhead rendering.

sample_playhead_bug.xrns (551.8 KB)

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