Sample Properties-cut

Hello all.

I see that there is an option, in the Sample Properties, to either ‘cut’, ‘note off’ and continue. If i’m understanding correctly, this option is for the full ‘sample/instrument’ set? Is it possible to be able to have different samples, within the same instrument, have different cut/note off/continue properties?

I’d like to be able to have some samples continue and some cut, within the same sample/instrument set.

If this isn’t possible, has this been places on the request list?


No, and I can’t understand why you would want that?

well, i’m not using multisamples or samples in a convential way. for example, i’ll take a sample of a four bar piano riff and i’ll process that sample live for about 30 or 40 seconds. then, i’ll go back and cut out the ‘highlights’ of that take. as a result, some of those highlights are last less than the original four bar sample. i’d like to have the original four bar sample looping, while ‘filling in’ with the shorter highlight snippets…and i don’t want those snippets to cut the original four bar sample. i realize that i could create a new instrument for each snippet, but my projects tend to have 20-30 snippets each!

having this option sure would save on clutter, for me anyway :)

this is not currently possible, but I ensure you that this idea has been taken into account in the past and you will probably have some surprises about it in the near future…

that would be fantastic if this were implemented!