Sample Rate Up >> Vst Pitch Up


I’m having a strange and rather frustrating bug when using some VST’s in Renoise; Steinberg’s Hypersonic and the EVP73 for instance.

I often work with a 4100 sample rate when composing a song. When I increase te sample rate in Renoise, the pitch of the VST increases to…

I’m using an external audio interface: E-MU 0404 USB 2.0

Does any of you guys recognize this bug and if yes, do you have any idea what is causing it?

Thank you in advance!

have you tried if this bug can be replicated in other hosts too? it could be that these plugins do not support higher frequencies

No I have not because, obviously, Renoise is the only host I have installed ;)

Seriously: Yes I could try this. All I know now is that other guys I know that use Renoise, have the same problem with the Hypersonic. I can’t imagine that such a high-end VST (Steinberg!) does not support frequencies higher than 4100. But I could be wrong of course.

i experienced the same with the EW Symphonic Orchestra VSTi. but, if remember correctly, this issue was solved by restarting renoise AFTER changing samplerate, or using the reinitialize button in the preferences box… maybe that works for you as well?

Yes, restarting Renoise seems to do the trick… using the reinitialize button after changing sample rate unfortunately doesn’t work… which is a pity because it would save me time ;)

Anyway, thanks for this!