Sample Readability.

Renoise can read lots of sampleformats. You can also read an unknown sampleformat. Renoise may be able to play it.

As I have understood it you juggle a bit with the “readsettings”
Such as bitdepth, indiansize (small large) etc.

I have this program, Foobar 2000. Its sort of a winamp_very_light_player
But loo and behold. It can really tell you what your file is made of!
I use it to catalogue my samplebanks. Its a blast at that too. You can copy
filelocations from it to, straith into renoise., Very useful indeed!
If you choose a file/possible_sample, you can see all types of data on it.
Very helpful when trying to load it in renoise!
It also has a sampleformat converter engine
with massive amounts of formats to convert from/too
Foobar webpage

nfryspys :walkman:

I use Foobar too and recommend it. However I wouldn’t call it a light winamp. You can install all kinds of extensions and plugins to make it look and behave exactly as you want it to. The preferences dialog box is huge and complex. So, bottom line, Foobar rocks if you just want a mp3 player and it rocks too if you want to impress your friends with the fireworks your mp3 player produces. I even found a forum where people post their Foobar screenshots!

thanks for posting this :D