Sample Recorder Idea

Allow to record directly via the Sample Recorder the internal Master Output or individual Tracks in real time while Renoise is playing. This allow to resample the entire song or the desired parts, is an alternative to the Render to disk utility.

can’t you just export as wav?

I think Jeruro wants a Freeze option…

I exported directly to .wav with the Render to disk utility and i got sound problems like clicks, pops, etc… when i use my external Synthesizers.

I want to record the song in real time. I know the easy way is connecting the physical outputs to the physical inputs of the sound card, and then record (this is a low quality way), but would be nice a resampling option in Renoise to do this. Mi hardware groovebox can do this with the name of resampling.

By the other way, i’m searching a VST/AU plugin to allow record the master track to disk in real time.

Voxengo Recorder?

yeah freezing would be sweet… my computer can’t handle much…

thought it might havbe come with this update… can’t complain though, look at all the amzingness… can’t really get over it… this is going to be a very antisocial christmas

beer, pizza and renoise 2.5… yay

Wajj, Seems is only Win

Sorry, should have taken the “AU” as a hint you were on Mac…
Doesn’t Mac OSX haven’t built in options to redirect audio out to recording software?

yeah, soundflower allows audio to be routed anywhere. so by using renoise + soundflower + [insert name of recording software here] you can record the master output.

still, +1 here. an internal solution would be nice, sometimes i don’t feel like setting up soundflower and fooling with another program.

  • for internal solution