Sample Recorder'S New Mode "Matrix"

Yesterday I learned intresting thing from a japanese Renoise user.(Thanks Nosuke-san!)
He teach me that;
if the Autoseek is enabled beforehand, the recorded sample can be triggered immediately after the end of the recording.

So if we;

  • Select “Pattern mode” on the Sample Recorder
  • Select blank slot in the Instrument Selector
  • Set Autoseek to “Enabled” in the Sample Properties
  • Input [C-4] to the first line of the Track in the Pattern Editor
    then start recording (and hit “stop”),
    now we can use Renoise like a “Sound on Sound” looper. Yay!!

But current “Pattern mode” is not so convenient for such purpose.
Therefore, I propose the new audio recording mode which utilized the Matrix.

For example, (the operation as a user)

  • Open the Sample Recorder and Select “Matrix mode”
  • Click a blank slot (where you want to put the recorded sample) in the Matrix
  • the clicked slot blinks (this is in a recording reservation state)
    then start playing.

(Under the hood)

  • Record the audio sample which fits the slot length
  • inputs [C-4] to the first line of the clicked Matrix slot (i.e. Pattern Editor)
  • Set Autoseek of the sample to “Enabled”

Also we can reserve next recording via [Ctrl + click] another Matrix slot.

Well, I don’t have scripting skill at all :( , so I don’t know whether this idea is scriptable or not.
But how do you think about this idea?? :huh:

The sample recorder is triggerable… One can perhaps make an attempt in thinking out a worthy scripting concept…

– start a new sample recording when the sample dialog is visible,
– else stop, finish it
– cancel a currently running sample recording when the sample dialog
– is visible, else does nothing

I think a lot of us would be interested in this possibility. :)

Oooohh, for the live overdubbing win! +1