Sample Saving From Inside A Module

Is there any way to save an individual Sample to the harddrive including its loop after it’s already loaded inside a module?
Another question, I noticed that many original samples, usually percussion samples from sample CD’s that I own are usually loaded into Renoise with a forward loop at the second part. Sometime because of that loop I can’t listen to the sample, unless I manually remove the loop from the Sample Editor.
I have to mention that those samples are without any loop, whatsoever. Weird, but why is it happening?

Yes you can. Use the DiskOp to select “instrument” and save your chosen slot as an instrument, loops and all.

I think I can’t help you much with the second point, but perhaps try loading as an “instrument” or as a “sample” and see if there is a difference.

Thank you, but how? I select “Instrument”, and then? I can’t find any button or key to save my chosen instrument slot as an instrument.

the radio buttons on the left let you select the type of item to save.

also read this for all info