Sample start points

This post is just a repost of a suggestion I posted somewhere else in forum (something about why tracking suxx with vocals).

Anyway, this is it :

A user customizable set of start and loop points per sample, for instance a fixed set of 10 presets for each sample. User would select in sample editor which preset he wants to modify, set start point and loopend, and play it in pattern editor using a command (sample offset like, given the preset index in effect value.)

This would allow to easily sync vocals (for instance I know I have to sync syllabs on beat or half beat, so I set to points in pattern editor and then I adujst preset in sample editor to make it sound clean) without splitting samples in several subsamples…

This would also allow (the same way) to create rythmics with a beatloop sample without carrying about good sample offset etc.

This said, I have perhaps missed a feature that does a similar process, so it would be really kind to tell me if this kind of feature already exists, otherwise if my proposition is relevant or not (and if yes, if you plan to implement it or not :)

huge cheers,