Sample Time

While using the sample editor, I’d like to be able to see the time length of a sample and, when clicking different parts of a sample, be able to see what time I’m located at. I load soundclashes into renoise and sample clips in there because it’s much easier and, when I save a sample, I also save the location time of the sample in its original source so I can quickly locate it later on, if need be. :D

I was thinking the same thing the other day.
Renoise should show the point in time in the wave and also the range

Here’s how goldwave does it

If the time info won’t fit next to the offset value it could sit next to the sample format info ( )

just a note:
I understand that this would be very helpful for people who use Renoise as a drumloops player, but anyone else would find this useless, so this should be an option, becaus a time ruler would be a waste of screen space in that case

im disagreeing with the fact that its only useful for drumloops. i think everyone would have a need for this. who dont want to see the length of his long decayed sample in samples, ms or ticks (like in the envelope - sections) ?! imo it isnt just for drumloops for me its more the opposite. helpful to create a big layered field of textures.
for example: youve got a 3 min. sample of noise and you want to see if it fits into the patternlength you want.
for now, you ve to listen to the whole 3 min. just my pov.

length in ticks would be of course helpful for everyone, I was just talking about a time ruler

well im not using premade drum loopz or stuff like that (its cheating and stupid and boring…like “making music” with this tetris kind ov program called danceEjay,hahahaaehehaehaehaeha!!!) but im sampling alot ov my stuff (render selection to sample slot ectect) so i would find it very usefull!

so it-alien, you dont need grid behind sample editor??? weird cos its lil bit same thing like having timeruler behind instrument envelopes or behind automation window…

hahaha word! dats so true…

ps. row based grid…

grid in ticks / patternlength / seconds / ruler etc would be cool + 1

hahhaha, sillyme…again! didnt remember that it isnt possible:…ic=5817&hl=


I think the part in renoise that has had the least improvement since the early versions is the sample editor, it really needs some enhancements. The length in ticks would be very useful for everyone, other options suggested in this topic were also worth thinking about.

My suggestion doesn’t have anything to do with drums. As far as drums go, the combination of Renoise and DBlue’s Glitch VST is perfect, at least for myself.

Sound Clashes tend to be very long (40 minute sides), so it’s very easy to get lost. That’s why I try to always write down the time of the samples, so I can locate them later on in the Sound Clash. I use Renoise’s sample editor for this because it truly is much easier. Audacity is just a pain. In Renoise, I can grab a piece, copy and paste it to a new slot and save that sample instantly. Also, it’s easier for organizing folders, hehe.

Yeah this needs some attention I think.

I would love to see a ruler under the sample with the pattern steps marked in, with ticks inbetween each step.

This in my mind would be something like CM and MM on a ruler.

It would have to resize itself with every edit of the sample obviously.

It would it a LOT easier to work with large samples in the sampler.

The addition of real time in seconds on the ruler would be a bonus, but not necessary. Its all about the ticks and steps.