Sample-view: Right-click Menu Imprint Selection Start As Sample Offset

sample-view: right-click menu imprint selection start as sample offset in pattern

just like all the fx parameters can be rightclicked into the pattern, make sample selection start possible to be used in the menu, to dump the announced sample-offset in the sample view, to the pattern data.

this would be beyond ken.

You don’t see where this is dumped then because the pattern editor is not visible while the sample editor is. Simply set one of the rulers to the “09” mode, then write down the corresponding 09 value in the pattern where you need it. Right click one of the sample editor rulers to change them.

well, its dumped to where the cursor is, right?
ahh, to imagine being able to bind a shortcut key to dump the currently chosen section of the sample directly to the patterndata. that would be quite something. i do, of course, appreciate that i can click with my mouse onto a specific portion of the sample and it will show what the sampleoffset is, but to be able to actually dump these selections to rows on the patterndata would, well, be a real workflow improvement…

basically what im getting at is
“bang out selection start-point as a sampleoffset effect into pattern-row” as an additional right-mouse-button feature in sample-editor.