Sampler / Vsti Capture Sample Waveform Problem


Found what might be a bug.

Here is how I acheived it…

  1. Loaded FM8

  2. Right clicked on the capture button in Instruments setting

  3. Set the Sampling Options to;

-Duration 255 lines

-Tail 104 lines

Clicked Start

Everything went to plan.

The problem;

In the sample editor, when zoomed to 100%, I can not see the sample! The screen is totally blank!

Then, when I zoom in slightly, using the slider at the bottom, the sample pops back into view.

Everything plays fine, just I can not see the waveform when zoomed out max.

Any ideas?

tested it right now, and works fine here with RC2

was it a mutisample ? tested it with c-4 only.

Sorry, should have said; it was just C-4. Single sample (albeit a fairly long one).

This occurred in RC2.

thats what ive testet here

-Duration 255 lines

-Tail 104 lines

with the first patch from FM8 and everything works fine.

tested on windows XP

linux, mac ?


Will test on Linux (Ubuntu) later.

Also, I will try to recreate it, and see what happens.

Reports later.

Upload the sample so the rest of us can test it?

OK, just tested it again and it I couldn’t replicate the previous issue.

Also, I don’t have the original sample with the problem, as I chopped it up.

I will post again if it happens again, and be sure to include a sample.