Samples are not in correct order

Hello I’m running the demo of redux and the samples i imported are mixed how do i fix this?

They are named like thisFlute-A#1-127-0619 , Flute-A2-127-47WE et cetera all auto sampled from MainStage AutoSampler utility

Are they in the correct order in explorer (by sorting)? In that case you can drag the files from there into Renoise keyzones. Not that easy with multilayered samples though…

I think it’s better to use the built-in file browser - then you can drag vertically to adjust the key-span/range of each sample, and any existing sample mappings are left untouched:

Also, I find that often it’s useful to “sort by date” (right-click in browser), since most samples are being exported in a particular order.It’s kind of hard to support the naming conventions of all samplers out there…just have to be a bit creative, I guess.

Appreciate it but i don’t need anymore since i’m going to try to make my own sampler and plugins :slight_smile: long away ahead of me tho.