Samples Drop Out

Hey! Is there somebody who have same problem as i ? I mean, that i have something like audiobuffer drops (like when u have a realy hard and overFXed project and same time low latency in asio driver) sounds like full sound drops or some instruments drops IN RENDERED file O_o

In any another host if i have same drops in play mode it’s ok, but after rendering they disappeared… mb i wrong with some options in renoise ?

1 cut.mp3 on 5th second
2 cut.mp3 on 3th second

p.s. my Lexicon Alpha asio buffer is max
p.s.s. in play mode in renoise i have only 68-70% CPU usage… I think it’s normal…

If you experience dropouts on audio rendering (writing to WAV) then follow the next check-points:
What rendering mode is used?
If you use VST plugins -> The best bet is realtime rendering

What VST plugins are you using? Are you using sampler VST’s like NI Kontakt, Play or East West plugins? Best chance is they use DirectFromDisk playing. This always requires Realtime rendering mode in Renoise b ut in some cases you even have to turn off DFD mode in those plugins (meaning all samples get loaded in RAM)

i used only 2xinstances of NI Massive and 1 of NI Kontakt3 in my project… There is already enabled “Offline interpolation quality” - “like realtime” in Kontakt, but full disable of DFD is impossible because its minimum value is 12 Mb of memory :( Is it ok?

And what means realtime rendering? i just render by Ctrl+Shift+R with perfect interpolation…

in the render box it’s Priority - Real (plugin compatibility mode)

hmm… with Real rendering was a bit better, but drops stayed (( i just don’t know what to do…

anyway, thanks for advises…

Try to defragment the harddrives where your sample libraries are, this will improve a lot as well (if you cannot turn off DFD).

are there DFD not only in NI KOntakt ? O_o in Kontakt cannot been disabled DFD function at all… i changed it to minimum (max left position) - is it right ? Overall it helps a bit, but all drops weren’t disappear :(

gone to make defragmentation

If you have IDE drives, it might help to add a SATA card and add SATA drives which are a hell of a lot faster, but this is somewhat the last resort to an improvement of the situation.
A pre solution is to use the “render selection to sample” feature, but this is not the best solution when you use effects around the audiostream that spanns across different patterns.
Another pre solution is to render the first half of all your tracks to disk (mute the other half) and then swap this procedure and later on mix both rendered files in Audacity, Audition or something like Reaper (or Waveosaur)