Samples From A Dvd

Hey I was watching a movie that other day and I wanted to take a speechsample of it because I tought it could fit well in one of my songs… How can you do that? I tried several softwares and stuff but none of them was working properly.

if you are on a mac then audio hijack works really well at recording audio from any application

audacity on windows… record “what you hear”…

On mac soundflower allow you to root your signal directly into Renoise.
On PC/LINUX, Jack might be the better tool to do that.
Both are free

i think that for a laptop, it depends on your soundcard if this works or not. if it does not work ‘out of the box’, i think you have to route the output-jack into the input-jack to make it work. have not tried that though, i just settled for not recording ‘what you hear’.
i think i have a piece of software for ripping audio from videofiles, but i am at work right now and don’t know the name.

Thanks for the replies guys, I went for the first one that you suggested me, so i tryed hijack and it worked. (Yes I am on a mac.)