Samples Not Playing

my samples are cutting out. they’ll play sometimes if i reload the song. i can select another track and press a key and they will play. anyone else having this problem? what am i doing wrong? what could cause this??

When do they cut? While playing the song or while keyjazzing?

Have you enabled keyjazz?

What have you set the NNA (new note action) to?

Have you any volume envelopes on the samples?

they cut out whilest playing the song… it just started happening & only in my tunes. i have keyjazz enabled & the NNA is set to “cut”. i don’t have any volume envelopes on these tracks. i moved the notes to different tracks & so far it’s working. if it keeps up, i’ll try some options with those settings. thanks too…

I did not mean track volume envelopes I meant instrument volume envelopes…

If you add an instrument volume envelope to the instrument and a sustain point to the envelope then set the NNA to note off.

The sample will continue play as your envelope is from the sustainpoint.

If you have the NNA set to cut, the sample will cut when there is a new note on the same track.

ok, you mean in instrument envelopes tab i think. i haven’t played around in there yet.