Samples Saved In .rns?...

Hi everybody,

i’m new to Renoise (not new to trackers in general) and i have a couple of questions.

  1. can samples be saved inside the .rns file (something like a package)?

  2. Why the right control-shift-alt keys can not be used for custom shortcuts?
    Do you know if the programmers intend to change this in some future version?

  3. How can i go from one pattern to another besides scrolling from one to another?

Thanks in advance

1)Samples are saved inside the rns file, in 1.8 you can even extract them or replace them for compressed equivalents because the .xrns format is a zip archive.

  1. modifyer keys are specially controlled and can only be assigned in combination with another shortcut key. Since 1.8, a different way has been applied to the global use of the left side modifyer keys to allow more shortcut key combinations in more areas.

  2. ctrl-up and down scrolls between the arranger positions, ctrl-left and right will increase or decrease the current patternnumber in the pattern arranger.
    ctrl-ins to add/insert a new pattern position in the arranger, ctrl-k to clone the current selected pattern…

Have fun!

I know that modifier keys can only be used in combination with another key but what about the right control-shift-alt?

How would you like to trigger play/stop/record then?

Playing from cursor and stopping using spacebar would be perfect.

to do that i believe you press the application key between the right alt and ctrl keys

Yeah but i believe he wants to reassign that function to the spacebar instead of that key.
But because these functions are hardcoded you can’t.
But the modifyer keys are a core element of the keyboard control which make it hard to get such functions reassigned.

That’s exactly what i want to do. That’s something i got using OctaMED for almost 15 years and it so difficult for me to change this habit. I believe you understand what i mean.

Okay enough teasing…
(Assuming you run 1.8)
Go to to the preferences and to the key assignments panel.

Then be sure the “Global” option is listed in the top drop-down list.
In the area-list go to “Transport” and expand it, now see if you can change things to your need and save it ;)

In 1.5 this is called “PlaySongWithoutRestarting” in the global list and “PlayPatternWithoutRestarting”

The thing i was looking for is the “Pause/Continue”. The problem is that when record is enabled, it doesn’t work correctly. Instead of continue playing from where the cursor is, it starts playing from where the cursor was when it paused. When record is disabled, it works perfect.

Does this also happen with the regular keybombo? And are talking about 1.5 or 1.8 because i still cannot extract this information from any of your previously written context…

I’m talking about version 1.8. And yes, this happens with the regular shortcut too(Shift+Space).

Okay i think this has got to do with the “Last played line”

If you turn on record mode and hit enter, you will notice it does work in that case.

The enter key marks the last played position and this has been inserted for one reason: The automatic change of slider positions when the pattern autoadvances one row after changing DSP/VST effect number references (in the pattern effect column), this could also cause Renoise to change the value of that particular slider to the value that was actually appointed to the parameter of the other effect. In some cases you want this in certain cases you didn’t wanted to change that value of that slider but a different one.
For this reason your problem cannot be changed because it would bring back the other problem.

If you turn off pattern follow mode, you will understand what i mean by “last played pattern line” when looking at this animation:

The grey bar is the last played pattern line, it will stop at the position when you stop playing.

Use the return key to remark your current offset before hitting shift-space.