Samples sounding different

I guess this is a really newbie question, but I’m just beginning with renoise, and I don’t understand why, inside the sample editor, it sounds different when you play the sample hitting a key from the keyboard than when you play it hitting the play button in the left. At first I thought it was a consequence of the effects and modulations, but I’ve seen it happening in samples without envelopes or effects applied.

Different how? Can you go into a bit more detail?

Can you share a simple XRNS song containing a sample which clearly demonstrates this problem?

Different how? Can you go into a bit more detail?

Can you share a simple XRNS song containing a sample which clearly demonstrates this problem?

I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem, it’s just that I don’t fully understand Renoise yet. For example, in the demosong Syntechtic sugar, the instrument “Bass: Detuned Wobbler” sounds kind of filtered when you play it in the keyboard, whereas it sounds rawer when you play it in the samples menu in the left, even when I assign the sample to None modulation. I know that when you play it from the keyboard, both samples are playing, so I reduced the volumen of the other one to listen to just either the square or the saw, and still produces different sounds.

Anyway, I find this because I was trying to know what makes a sample sounds the way it is, so if there is a way to find how a sample sounds when it’s completely unprocessed, and where it is being changed, then my question would be solved.


There’s a few ways of hearing sample playback, either via a midi message or computer keyboard press in which case the sample will be processed by the instrument filter and effects in addition to the track effects if you have routed the instrument to a particular track or trigger a note from within a track. Sequences always run through a given track (although I believe an xrni’s track routings can bypass this). In order to hear an unprocessed sample, you can use the sample audition function in the file browser or the small play button at the bottom of the waveform editor, which play either a selection of the sample, or the whole sample from start to end if no selection is made in the waveform editor. My guess is that you are hearing instrument or track effects and expecting an unprocessed sample. An example xrns might help us replicate the issue you’re experiencing.

This is what I was thinking, too.

The sample you hear when triggering notes can be processed by modulation, instrument fx or track fx, or even master fx if the prehear options are set to sound different for the sample playback vs instrument key. Also volume differences can make a sample sound different, check velocities of sample triggering and the track volumes and headroom settings. The two “play” buttons in the sampler for sample playback are for checking the raw sound, while when you hit notes via keyboard or midi it will run the whole instrument in the currently selected or setup track(s), with all bells and whistles.

That’s exactly what’s happening: I didn’t know that track effects apply inside the sample editor, I thought it was only modified by modulation sets and effects.

Thank you!

Notice also that there are multiple “levels” on which you can preview a sample:

  1. PC keyboard (QWERTY) -> always plays through the pattern (the selected track, whichever one that might be)
  2. Sample list (play button) -> preview the sample through its modulation chain and effect(s), then pass to the master track
  3. Waveform editor (play button, Return key) -> preview through master track or follow the selected one (decide via options button)

Because of 3., I rarely put “sound-shaping” effects on the master, or you will not be able to hear the sample “as-is” while working with the project.

Also, I think it helps to reveal the track scopes while in the sample editor, for some visual feedback :slight_smile: