Samples - Splitting Them Into Equal Parts

I have a long and very complex sample which extends way beyond the 512 line limit of a pattern (around 808 lines at current song speed).

I need to cut the sample into 3 blocks of as close to 256 lines as possible so I can use the sync options in the sample settings to fix the timings and lenght of each split.

Can’t seem to get them evenly split manually and wondered if there is an easy way of doing so in either renoise or something like Sound Forge.

It’s purely orchestral so no easy way of slicing it in Recycle or any other way I’ve tried.

Anybody familiar with a way of doing this?

Outstanding! Awesome! Fantastic! And many more superlatives.

This truely is a life saving tool!

If you already have it so it’s fitting to your patterns at right tempo then just Export the Song with only that sample playing. Renoise will insert Markers at the Pattern Breaks, so with an external Wave Editor it is easy to save these as separate files.