Sampletank 2

Hi, people!

I’ve been looking at the video-demos of Sampeltank2, and the Stretch feature looks awesome…

And, I’ve decided I’m gonna buy ST2.

But (!) I’ve got the demo version (a full working one) and the stretch feature is in it, but whenever I try to use it inside Sampletank2, a small loadscreen pops up saying “performing preanalysis”. After this, Sampletank2 freezes, and I have to click the “cancel” button.

And stretch won’t work.

Does anyone know if this is also in the registered full version of sampletank2 or just in the demo?


Hi dufey,

Please read here.

And additionally,
Though my personal impression,
If you expect perfect operation to the stretch function, you might be disappointed a little.
Preset sounds are OK, but Import function is bad. :(

If you are after a rompler ST2 is a good choice, as satobox says though the stretch function is not up to the hype you may read about it.

There is also a group buy for ST2 L, Sonic Synth 2 + amplitube, currently running here (never bought from this company but seems reputable to me and has a forum at KvR):…p?ProductID=490

This is not the full XL version but if you are interested in the other software bundled in this deal it may be worth it for you. I also believe international shipping is free here but do check that rather than take my word for it :) .

edit 2: please read my next post before considering this:

Another option I have seen recently and may be adding to my VST collection eventually is [URL=]Manystation[/URL]. It is only $99 but seems to cover some of the ST2 bases.  
There are some user reviews at KVR here:  
Unfortunately there is no VST demo for it yet so it may be a bit of a blind buy but there are some mp3 examples on the site. The library for this one is 1.5gigs downloadable.  

P.S. Dufey good to see you back posting again and glad things have worked out for you regarding your situation.


This is a post from This thread regarding the group buy which is worth being aware of also.

I am just posting to warn about manystation as it runs on the wusikstation engine and at the moment there is a lot of trouble surrounding this company. Do a search at KvR for wusikstation if you are interested. I don`t think it should affect manystation as is, which is a different company but it may be worth checking all of this out if you are considering it.

Thanks alot for your kind words Ledger :)

Yeah, strange how things seem alot easier to handle once you get it at a distance.

Now, I’m really looking forward to becoming a father :D

Thanks alot for your ST2 info too!

Good to see you saying this Dufey! and all the best with it!

That bundle seems awesome!! Too bad I can’t afford it now anyway…

And Jørn, that’s what pregnancy is for. Getting ready. ;)

Yes that was a very good group buy. Would have joined probably if I hadn`t had ST2 already.

Well, so much for “not affording” it. ;)

Bought it, exitingly awaiting the package!

Oh, and if anyone else buys, refer my nick, hehe… I’ll give you a hug in return! :D