Sampletank & Renoise

Hi guys
I have a very beginner questions. I load sample tank in one instrument and open the st interface, then I just load an instrument and it works. But the problem comes when I add a 2nd st instrument, I can’t load anything on this 2nd instance, why?
How do you do to have different st instruments in renoise?
Thanks in advance for the help.

If you are using the current sampletank demo one of its limitations is only being able to use one instance, if however you have the regged version someone else here who has it may be able to help, afraid I don`t own it personally…

try sample tank with a multitimbral instance and another midichan.

[1.5 Alpha] How To Use Multitimbral Vsti

Renoise 1.28 does not have support for multitimbral vsti.
What you have to do is to load another instance of sampletank and then load any second instrument into that one.

Multitimbrality does work in the comming 1.5 though.

another time, we must specify that multioutput for multitimbrality is currently not supported.

this will cause something like this

err… what about reading Sampletank manual?