Sampletank Xl

When I load the SampleTank VSTi it is choosen as a specific instrument. SampleTank can load up to 16 different samples into its program. With the older version of Renoise if I wanted to use more then one sample in SampleTank I would have to load many individual SampleTank programs which would of course use much of the CPU processing power. Now with the 1.5 Alpha release, when I load the SampleTank VSTi I have no problems using the same VSTi program to load many samples. My only problem is that I cannot send each individual sample to a specific track for automation use. For instance if I load a bass sample on channel 1, a guitar sample on channel 2, and a drum sample on channel 3; I cannot assign different track numbers (in the VST Instrument Properties) to each sample. If I use the ‘Assign to track’ and I choose bass on cannel 1 then every other track assigns itself to channel 1 (the bass sample track). Is there a way of individualizing each SampleTank channel so that it can be controlled and automated, in the ‘Track DSP’, without any conflicting problems?

do you mean that, if you add a delay to track1, it also affects track2 and track3?

you cannot separate the output of the different channels in ReNoise at the moment, so if this is your problem it has no solution at the moment (other than acting exactly as you did in the previous version, of course)