Sampletank2 Error, Beta2

Seeing in the bug reports forum that other people are using sampletank2 sucessfully in beta 2, I thought I`d post here for help before placing a bug report:

Basically I get an error message whenever trying to initialise ST2:

Registry read error
Please ensure this product has been installed properly

Tried reinstalling ST2 to no avail, the same error message appears in beta 2.

ST2 still works fine with renoise 1.281 and previously worked in other 1.5 alphas + beta1. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it.

Any help much appreciated.

I noticed this too - only one time … in general Renoise 1.5a-b don’t like it if you switch the VSTi while playing the song … had a freeze-crash today and 3h work is lost…

This is a permanent thing for ST2 for me as opposed to just when switching, but as I am not the only one to get this I will post in the bug reports.