Since I use Sampletank2 demo and Sampletank demo in nearly every songproject, I’m seriously considering to buy the full version. XL version that is.

Before I do, though, does the stretch function work properly (with the instruments inside Sampletank2)? Like the demo-videos on the homepage shows?

And… is it worth the money??


I don’t beleive it does, the PS/TS switch does, but it’s not as responsive as the other controls… i.e. it requires you to retrigger the note.

By the way, can you control the pitch and other controls using renoise using the vstiautomate device? If so, how exactly are the parameters laid out? All I have are pan, volume and 4 user for each channel. I assume there’s some way to define those user knobs (and I also assume it’s the macro section I hope to define).


It seems that a few inside tones cannot be analyzed well.
But, it may be a problem that depend on my PC system.
Please refer to other user’s opinions too.
I am getting tired of waiting for Ver.2.1. :(


You can use MidiCCDevice.

  1. Click “MIDI CTL” button on Sampletank2 (on top left).

  2. Click the knob that you want to use.

  3. Set a number that has not been used yet to “Controller Number” column.

  4. Then, Open the MidiCCDevice and Set the same Midi Controller Number. :walkman:

Wow, that’s great, thanks! Wouldn’t have thought of that, even with all the MIDI kit I own!

I can’t understand why people use VSTdevice, really. I hate it, and I command you to use MIDICCDevice :)

I see your point It-Alien, even though the VSTdevice easily allows you to see what parameter you’re controling, MIDIcc device seems to offer a more universal solution, and would work well in a live situation, (providing you have a good controller keyboard/unit). Apart from that I can’t see what other advantages this method has to offer.

Is it faster, more accurate, prevents those often occuring vst bugs?

Please enlighten me! :blink:

Yeah, me too please :) VST automate device normally works and does the job, plus I can see the parameter name. That’s all I need.

I am right when I suspect this is because you simply like cryptic numbers and ninja :ph34r: tracking? :D

Normally I don’t need to contrl dozens of VST parameters, so I don’t need to search for parameters into the VSTdevice slider jungle: with MIDIdevice I can decide what to see. It’s much more simple and neat for me. And yes, it normally works even when VSTdevice fails.

only problem: works only if the instrument supports MIDI learn and/or MIDI CC’s

I assumed some didn’t support it, hence VSTiAutomateDevice.