Sampling From Fils And Similar Stuff

howdy chaps B)

I have two questions about sampling stuff…and a random one

1)How do you sample the audio file for a movie on your computer?for example if there is a funny line in a film you want to sample,is there a programme for this?

2)How do i sample somthing from youtube…any programmes i can dl for that?

3)Is there work in progress to develop a way to sync your music to film,with the film being displayed in renoise,much like logic?that would rock!
thanks in advance(lol)

There are plenty of YouTube rippers out there. If it is not for the audio itself, then just to strip audio from a local .AVI file which you usually end up with after ripping from YouTube.

If you want to rip from DVD, there are tools that you can download on various places. I usually go to to get this stuff to process all of this material.

Synchronizing Renoise to movies… try Reaper.

sorry to be a total noob,but how do you rip from youtube?

Well, actually, insert that question in google and you get so many hits that offer you a solution.
I’ll give you one link to a site that allows you to rip from YouTube but the rest you have to dig up for yourself if you don’t mind.
(This one can also rip audio only)

I can wire my software dvd player into a wav recorder through jack on linux ubuntu studio.
Saves ripping files or analogue wiring.
Wiring a DVD player into you mixer is easiest… then whenever your watching a film and think…
“i could sample that”… you’re already wired in.

Cubase SX or was it Nuendo? had video in it, i think renoise would connect up to that.

Remember to install the desktopversion of Vixy. The online converter sucks donkeyballs.

You could just record the audio directly, as opposed to downloading the YouTube video (or ripping a DVD) and then having to strip the audio and encode it.

I have a Mac and I use Audio Hijack for this. It lets you select what application to record the audio from (Safari, DVD Player, etc.). And when I was using a PC I think I used Audacity. They’re both free. (Yay!)

Also, from limited experience, I agree with the above suggestion to use the Vixy desktop application. I’ve only used the online version and it was sloooooow.